Didik Nini Thowok Entertainment, provides professional dance, on request or package dance productions for corporate events, wedding, launching product, carnaval, gathering, bicentennial, anniversary and shows entertainment. We also accepted education program such workshop, seminar, dance groundwork, collaboration etc.

These same high standards are also applied to our package dance shows, such as comedic dance, ketoprak (Indonesian traditional drama), fragment, comedian & master of ceremony etc. include traditional and modern dance.

Our dance company is creative, innovative and highly versatile. We can take any brief concept, or theme and produce a dramatic dance show on request that will bring any event to life.

From small events to those on the grandest scale, Didik Nini Thowok Entertainment offers exceptional and experienced entertainment including traditional and modern dance. By providing live dance entertaint for your affair, we transform any events into a high-energy event that will be remembered for years to come.

We're a full service organization specializing in dance entertainment for every type of event and dedicated to making every party uniquely memorable. We pride ourselves on being responsive and customer oriented and willing customize any affair to meet your individual needs.

Number of the Dance :
    		 Didik Nini Thowok   
   New Creation Dance  :
- Jepindo Bali Topeng Walang Kekek Dance
- Pancasari Dance
- Centhini
- Sarak Jodag Dance
- Mimi Lan Mintuno Dance
   Traditional Dance  :
- Beskalan Dance
- Gambyong Dance
- Golek Lambangsari Dance
- Cirebon Mask Dance
- Legong Bapang Saba Dance
   New Creation Dance  :
- Masatria Dance
- Merak Gandrung Dance
- Jaimasan Dance
- Joged Osing Dance
- Nusantara Dance
- Persembahan Dance
- Cinta Segitiga Dance

   Traditional Dance  :
- Angguk
- Gejog Lesung
- Jathilan

On Request Dance
We also created or produce a new dance depend on request starting from script, music editing and recording, dance movements choreography, costume design, make up, dance properties etc. until performance, for all events what they wants.

For examples : Sang Penebus, Ande-Ande Lumuten, Abunawas, White Snake Legend etc.