Choreographer : Didik Nini Thowok
Dancer : Didik Nini Thowok
Duration : 15 minute

The Dewi Sarak Jodag Dance is taken from the Legend of Panji and illustrates the story of princess Sarak Jodag's (the younger sibling of King Klana) infatuation with Raden Panji. To win his heart, Dewi Sarak Jodag transformed herself into the image of Dewi Chandrakiranan, the wife of Raden Panji. Raden Panji however recognizes her witchcraft and rejects her. In a rage of fury, Dewi Sarak Jodag is transformed into a frightening figure with a terrifying and horrible visage that is an amalgamation of anger, shame and sorrow. In this dance choreography, changes in character are expressed through the use of masks and performed with a touch of comedy.